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Scholarship Applications – Abroad & India
Career Counseling | Students: Grade 8-12
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Psychometric Testing | Students: Grade 8-12
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  • Study Abroad Admissions Consulting End-to-end mentorship for application documents that are needed for your admit, including essays, statement of purpose, resume, letter of recommendation, admission interviews, etc. Our approach combines science + art, identifying success factors from mirror profiles and integrating proven insights to maximize your chances.To know more
  • Indian Schools Admissions Consulting Whether it’s ISB, IIM Executive MBAs or Undergraduate programs at Ashoka, Plaksha etc., we provide bespoke guidance to shortlist and ace your applications.
  • Admissions Counselling (Abroad/India) You can avail sessions with our experts to get unbiased insights and get your questions answered.
  • Application Plan (Abroad & India) Get our inputs on the crucial factors you should consider to have a successful application. Understand what you have to offer and what you can do to improve your chances.
  • Profile Building Plan & Mentorship For schools abroad and Indians schools who have profile-based admissions (Ashoka, ISB etc.), your profile matters a lot. Most of our clients join us for profile building well in advance in advance (8th/9th grade for UG, 18-24 months prior for MBA/MS).
  • Resume Building (Admissions or Professional) Your resume is often your first chance to make an impression. Leveraging insights from successful past clients, we tailor your experiences to appeal to the intended audience to help you land interview calls from the foremost employers or the most demanding universities/colleges in India and abroad.
  • Interview Prep We offer school-wise and combo interview prep services for most graduate (MBA, MiM, MS Fin, Ph.D. etc.) and undergraduate programs (STEM, Commerce/Business, Humanities). There are different types of interviews for MBA and college admissions – blind, non-blind, presentations, video-based, etc. Our expertise spans all these types. To know more
  • Scholarship Applications During application or post admission, different universities allow applicants to apply for merit, need-based, cultural, or other types of scholarships. We help you put your best foot forward by assisting with compelling essays or the entire scholarship application. The services charges vary for each college/university.
  • Career Counselling (Students or Working Professionals) Whether you are a student deciding on potential career paths or a working professional seeking to accelerate or change careers, our expert sessions help you think through the various options and the skill set needed to succeed
  • Psychometric Testing These tests measure ones strengths and weaknesses and helps ascertain suitable careers.
    • Students of class 8th-9th-10th Stream Selector Test
    • Students of class 11th and 12th Stream Selector Test/ Branch Selector
  • Psychological Counselling Experience a non-judgmental, non-evasive, confidential and person centric way of dealing challenging issues with our warm and experienced counsellor.
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