Sumeet R. Verlekar

Sumeet is an MBA (Berkeley) and the Founder of Tilden. He has worked with prestigious Fortune 500 companies worldwide, including CXO positions. Being the first in his family to study abroad, he’s passionate about helping postgrad and undergrad applicants across different socio-economic backgrounds. He has an extensive network of alumni and admissions members from the world’s foremost universities, gaining an in-depth understanding of postgraduate and undergraduate programs across different countries, which provides Tilden clients a competitive advantage. He has mentored hundreds of working professionals across the world to accelerate their careers.


Sheetal S. Verlekar

Sheetal is a MBA (Sydenham) and the Founder of Tilden. She has worked with leading conglomerates from India in Talent Management and Talent Acquisition and led employee development and hiring from leading universities like IITs, IIMs, ISB, DU, and top engineering and undergraduate colleges in India. She has a firsthand perspective on career development and diverse educational pathways, which forms the core behind our services. She has mentored many students on career selection, profile building and applications to world’s premier universities. She’s a UCLA-certified Global Career Counsellor, Psychological Counsellor and deeply involved in Wellbeing/Mental Health.


The idea of Tilden was born in Berkeley, California. While studying, our founders came across numerous international applicants facing the same challenges they did while applying such as choosing the right program or stream, to study abroad or in the home country, gaining unbiased, authentic information about studying abroad, choosing the right universities and countries, erroneously placing too much emphasis on acing the test (GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT etc.), lacking awareness that applications need to be customized to each school and knowledge of how to do so, financing one’s education, etc. There’s a lot of unfiltered information on the internet about studying abroad, and much of it comes from people who themselves haven’t walked that path. The other set comes from ‘foreigners’ who may advocate admissions strategies without understanding the unique cultural background of applicants.

Working professionals often fend for themselves and some times make career limiting decisions. Given our experience of working in and recruiting early, mid and senior management, we decided to provide practical, action-based mentoring insights and coaching for professionals to successful position themselves for accelerated career growth

Finally, we realized that most current offerings did not recognize the mental/pyschological health aspect of our lives. We created Tilden to also address these challenges and provide the best, authentic solutions for our clients.

Our Mission
  • Our mission is to relentlessly support you to achieve your best. We’ve been in your shoes and leverage ‘win-sights’ from hundreds of successful clients to set you up for success.
Our Approach
  • Individualized Guidance Every applicant is unique. We engage with a limited number of applicants and provide personalized guidance.
  • In-depth Understanding We understand you in-depth and provide a detailed plan with bespoke advice to maximize your strengths.
  • Proprietary Tools & Templates We use powerful proprietary tools and templates to identify best-fit schools/organizations, success probabilities, aid research and deploy your strategy.

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